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Nature Study The Easy Way!

We are SO excited to be able to introduce our NEWEST e-book. Yep! Our all time best-seller, Nature Study the Easy Way is now available by e-book.

Do you find yourself to be “challenged” in the area of nature study? Does it seem impossible for you to teach your children about science and nature study...much less for those studies to be EASY? Yes! It is truly possible for nature study to be EASILY taught in the home.

Cindy Rushton has a gift for making the most IMPOSSIBLE things become simple. Whether you are confused about where to begin teaching science or you need some extra ideas for day to day lessons, this book will meet you right where you are at.

Nature Study the Easy Way
includes over 200 pages of practical help and encouragement.

Chapters include the following:

  • Nature Study...The Easy Way
  • Nature Study in OUR Backyard
  • On TOP of Huckleberry Hill
  • Whole Books EVEN for Nature Studies
  • Nature Study and Family Day
  • Binderized! How-to’s for EASY Nature Notebooks
  • What About Teaching Older Children
  • 101+ EASY Ideas for Nature Studies...
  • Just to Get You Going
  • Seasonal Work for Nature Studies
  • The NEVER Ending List of Field Trips
  • Bringing Scripture into the Study of Nature
  • A Touch of Nature Poetry
  • The Special Touch of Prayers
  • Hymns and Songs
  • Neat Quotes for Your Nature Notebooks
  • Great Read Alouds
  • Great Resources for Nature Studies
  • Great Resources on the Internet
  • Addresses for Getting Great Resources and Information
      Plus Much, Much More!

      If that is not exciting enough, we also have an extra FREEBIE for all orders during this Introductory Time!

      If you order this week you will receive our other NEW E-Book, Make Your Own Science Notebook
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      OUR NEW Make Your Own Science Notebook is now available as an e-book too! Once again, Cindy Rushton does ALL the work for you with this great resource. If that is not enough, she wanted to offer this resource as a FREE BONUS with your purchase this week.

      Make Your Own Science Notebook
      is now available as an E-Book TOO! AND it is FREE with your purchase of Nature Study the Easy Way.

    • We are pleased to provide for you ready-to-use pages for your science notebooks. Since we published Nature Study The Easy Way, we have been inundated by requests to share our reproducibles that we use within our home for our science notebooks. Now, we introduce to you our newest e-book of reproducibles that are perfect for developing your own science notebooks. These forms are complete and ready-to-use for busy homeschooling families. I believe that you will find this resource to make homeschooling much, much easier while setting you free to use real books and real life to help teach the often difficult-to-teach subject of science.

      Keep in mind that this set is different from many of the other Make Your Own Series sets. This set includes pages that you may reproduce and adapt to fit your own needs. Most of our sets include ready-to-use pages. This set includes only the masters, requiring that you print the pages that you prefer in order to create your own science notebook. We chose this format because we know that this you will want to make your science notebook completely individual from your page colors to pictures of YOU and your adventures to stickers to a wide variety of informational clips. You probably have many ideas of what you want already, but just in case we included some examples of our nature notebooks all throughout Nature Study the Easy Way
      e-book just in case you have no idea where to begin!

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