Announcing Our NEWEST E-Workshop!

Romancing the Principal
(Only IF You Are Homeschooling!)!!
A Romance Toolbox Full of Help
For Building a Marriage that Sizzles!

Available Now as a Complete 6-Audio E-Workshop!!!

WHAT did YOU think marriage was ALL about???
WHY do we even have marriage???
What do you do when you find yourself sitting in the rubbish of a marriage
destroyed by the storms of life???
How do you build a passionate, sizzling marriage??

In our society today, of all of the areas of womanhood that we really need to address, this is probably the most vital. We need to have a blueprint for the godly home. We need to be equipped with the tools needed to build a godly marriage. We need to be taught how to build a sizzling, passionate, forever marriage! Oh!
We need a beautiful picture of romance--one that really works!

Go back to Genesis with Cindy Rushton as she encourages, inspires, equips, and helps you build YOUR romance toolbox! You are sure to fall in love with your sweetheart AGAIN as you recommit to your calling a-new! You are going to love this seminar!

Topics Include:
Why Romance When I am SO Busy Homeschooling???
Build a Romance Toolbox!
Get the Blueprint for the Godly Marriage!
Invest in the Tools for Your Romance Toolbox!
Build a Sizzling, Passionate, RED-HOT Marriage!
Quick Repairs!
Rebuilding from the Rubbish!
"Honey-do's" that Make the Marriage RED HOT!!

Whether you are considering marriage or you have been married for 75 years, this seminar is SURE to renew your commitment to marriage while challenging you to grow closer and closer to your sweetheart!

This workshop is now one our favorite marriage resources ever!

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