Introducing Our Newest E-Book!

Homeschooling The Easy Way!

Homeschooling? Why Not Homeschool the EASY Way???

We are SO excited to be able to introduce our NEWEST E-Book! Yep! We now have our bestselling homeschool how-to book available in E-Book format! Now YOU can get YOUR copy within 24 hours!

We are sooo excited!

We are asked very often what we recommend as THE one book to get if you could only get ONE. Well, this is always our suggestion! This book compiles a wide range of homeschool help--real help! You are sure to LOVE it! Just take a look at the list of great chapters included:

Inside This Book:

  • Homeschooling The EASY Way
  • Hearing God for Your Homeschool
  • Quick and EASY Record-Keeping
  • Discipleship ALL Along The Way
  • Language Arts The EASY Way
  • Tips for Encouraging Your Young Writers
  • Quick Tips for Teaching Phonics
  • How to Use Whole Books in the Homeschool
  • Narration...EASY as A, B, C
  • Notebooking! Sure to ADDICT You Too
  • An EASY Notebooking Shopping List
  • What SHOULD Go In A Notebook
  • Scrapbooking! YES! You CAN Have Fun
  • Geography The EASY Way
  • History The EASY Way
  • Quick Tips for Making and Using Your Timeline Notebooks
  • Nature Study The EASY Way
  • On Your Nature Walk...Don’t Forget
  • Fine Arts The EASY Way
  • Need Ideas for Those Fine Arts Notebooks???
  • How to Choose Poetry for YOUR Family
  • Teaching Your Older Children
  • Gearing Up for Another Big Homeschool Year (OR! What I am Going To Do On Summer Vacation—OR On Christmas Break—OR On Monday Morning!)
  • PLUS Much, Much More!

You will LOVE IT!

If this book is not just jam-packed FULL of great information, Cindy also includes a whole section of great reproducibles perfect for your yearly planning and record-keeping...creating fun and easy notebooks (even a TIMELINE!)...and recording your homeschool journey! You will love every page! AND best news! You can get it online NOW and be reading it within 24 hours!

So, whether you are struggling with fears...wondering about how to develop YOUR OWN philosophy of Education...needing some practical tips for making homeschooling a bit easier...or just needing a little affirmation, this is your book! In this book, Cindy will help to make it easy for you to find your way! We think that you will LOVE this book!

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