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Notebooking E-Book Set

We are SO excited to be able to introduce our NEW Ebook Set! Yep! Our best-selling NOTEBOOKING! YES! YOU CAN BE A BINDER QUEEN TOO Ebook AND our Make Your Own Notebook Sets are all available in one COMPLETE set of E-books! It is EVERYTHING that you need to get started notebooking TODAY! </p) align="center"

Need ideas for encouraging your young writers and QUICK? Ready for a FUN way to encourage your most reluctant writer to write AND like it...well, become ADDICTED to writing??? You will LOVE Notebooking! Notebooking is JUST what you have been looking for!

Cindy Rushton, who has become known as THE BINDER QUEEN, uses Notebooking for EVERY subject in her homeschool! She will show you how to begin whether your child is a toddler or the most skeptical high schooler. AND...she will take your hand as she walks you through notebooking each subject!

Cindy's NEWLY UPDATED BOOK is the most in-depth resource available to help your children deepen their studies and document learning all along the way! Of all of Cindy’s books, this one is sure to help you with any area of study that needs a little life! But...there is MORE! This set includes everything that you need to get started notebooking OR to make your notebooks even greater! Don’t miss this set!!


Notebooking! Yes! You CAN Be a Binder Queen Too! (regular retail $30.00)NEWLY REVISED!
Not only does it include twice as many chapters--with even MORE help for Our NEWLY REVISED Notebooking Book
includes the following chapters: Notebooking! Ready to Get Addicted???,Confession Time..., Ready to Evaluate, Why Notebook???, Where On Earth Do I Begin???, Down to the Nitty-Gritty...What Do I Need???, What Goes Into a Notebook???, Ideas, Ideas, Ideas...There’s Gotta Be ONE For You!, Hummm...Just In Case Your Need a Bit MORE Help!, Hey! What On EARTH is Copywork???,Cute Notebook Themes Using Your Copywork!,So...Just WHAT IS Narration?, Soooo, What If???, Slow and Steady! Understanding the Process of Learning, Some Quotes From Long Ago About Notebooking, Tips for the Stressed Out Mom!, Some Great Resources to Help Build Those Notebooks!, Need Forms for Your Notebooks??? Look Into These Resources! ALL Chapters completely revamped and expanded! Ready to addict YOU and YOUR FAMILY to notebooking!

Notebooking! Yes! You CAN Be a Binder Queen Too COMPANION CD!
OVER 300 pages filled with the following: Workshop handouts from Cindy's Workshops,Articles!(Notebooking! SURE To Addict You Too, My Shopping List, Language Arts The EASY Way, Ideas for Mommy Copywork), Even MORE Notebooking Help!(Printable Notebook Pages to Help You Get Started,Copywork to Get You Started (On MONDAY MORNING)!, Samples from the Rushton Kids's Notebooks, PLUS! 250 sample pages from student notebooks brought to our workshops!)

Make Your Own Alphabet Notebook...
Calling all little ones(and big ones too!)! This special ebook is JUST FOR YOU! This book is set up so YOU can make your own Alphabet Notebook. Pages include an introductory page for each letter of the alphabet. Either add pictures, your drawings, or words that contain that letter in the space provided. Pages are also provided with lines for you to practice writing each letter OR you can add a listing of words that contain examples of the letters in the words. (example: for T-Todd; t-toad) Do note: There is no right way or wrong way to use these reproducibles! Well, the only wrong way is to NOT use it. And the right way is to have a blast using it! This notebook pack is written by YOU...JUST so you can share this book with your book with all of your family and friends.

Make Your Own Discipleship Notebook…
Welcome! We are pleased to provide for you ready-to-print-and-use pages for your own Discipleship Notebook. Just as many of you, we have searched “high and low” for the perfect resource to walk in this spiritual journey with us. Our search led us to develop these notebook pages to fit our own family. As we have developed this idea to fit our family, the outcry has been tremendous for a packet, complete and ready-to-use for other busy families. I believe that you will find this resource to one of your favorites as it makes quiet times, church note-taking, Bible study, and even homeschooling much, much EASIER for you! E-book includes: Complete Instructions for putting together a Discipleship Notebook using our forms (These work great with other systems that you might want to use them with as well!)...Yearly Goal Pages...Monthly Goal Pages...Daily Bible Reading Logs...Daily Bible Study Note Pages...Memory Verse Pages...Prayer Request and Answer Logs...Prayer Requests for Family Members Log...Bible Verses for Praise and Worship Sheets...Songs and Praise and Worship Sheets...How I Can Minister to Others Study...Sermon and Bible Study Note Pages...Journaling Pages...Devotional Reading Log Sheets...Miscellaneous Note Sheets...Plus much, MUCH MORE! If that is not enough, each section shares encouragement and practical ideas for making the most of your time with the Lord each day! A MUST!

Make Your Own History Timeline Notebook…
Ready-to-print History Timeline Notebook pages! Includes instructions, ideas for easy implementation, pages for history to date (in 110lb. Cardstock), divider pages in bright 110lb. Cardstock, and even a sample page from Matthew’s Timeline Notebook. PLUS! A FREE Bonus copy of Cindy's NEW Ebook Let's Make a History Timeline Notebook! with full instructions and ideas for making your own timeline notebooks.

Make Your Own English From The Roots Up Notebook...
Another great Notebooking pack! This one goes back to Elisabeth’s need for something DO-ABLE so she could begin studying from her English From The Roots Up book. Cindy developed what they were already doing across their curriculum, making pages that were ready to go for Matthew and Elisabeth. Now, they are available for you too! All you need to do is open, print, and use! Includes instructions and enough pages to correlate with the English From The Roots Up book. Add these pages to your own 3-ring binder, plastic sheet protectors, and English From The Roots Up Book and you will be set!

Make Your Own Never-Ending Reading List...
Do you absolutely LOVE reading? Need a little help with keeping a record all along the way? Well, help that is EASY to implement in your busy home? This is the set for you! This set was originally designed for use in the very busy Rushton Home. As Matthew and Elisabeth grew older, they were learning so much more on their own than just the lessons planned and recorded by Cindy. The only answer was for them to be trained to do it themselves. What you see was the result. This e-book includes ready-to-print or copy today. Just follow the easy directions and your student will be keeping records today!

Make Your Own Recipe Notebook...
We are SO excited to be introducing this FUN resource! This set is the result of creating reproducible pages for my children to use as they study through the Sue Gregg Baking with Whole Grains Cooking Course. Of course, these reproducible pages are perfect for you to use with or without the course. Perhaps you are wanting to MAKE YOUR OWN Family Recipe Book. Well, this resource would be perfect for you too. All you will need to do is add a notebook, plastic sheet protectors, and copies of these printable masters. Oh, and your favorite recipes! Sure to be a MUST for you and your family! We are pleased to provide for you ready-to-use pages for your Homemaking/Cooking Course Notebooks. Just as many of you, we are currently studying Baking with Whole Grains. We have adapted this program to fit our own family. One of the adaptations that has made a world of difference is that we are creating our notebooks so that we not only include recipes from the cooking course, but we also collect and include other favorites from our family. As we have developed this idea, the outcry has been tremendous for a packet, complete and ready-to-use for busy homeschooling families. I believe that you will find this resource to make homeschooling much, much EASIER! Just make your recipe notebook completely individual from your page colors to pictures of YOU and your meals to stickers to a wide variety of recipe clips. You probably have many ideas of what you want already, but just in case we included some examples of our Recipe Notebooks just in case you have no idea where to begin! There is NO wrong way to use this book...well, except if you DON’T use it at all! The RIGHT way is to have a blast using it! The best part about this book is that YOU are the author of this book. YOU are the illustrator of this book! So, have fun! Make YOUR OWN heirloom. Oh, and share it with a friend!

Make Your Own Science Notebook...
Welcome! We are pleased to provide for you ready-to-use pages for your Science Notebooks. Since we published Nature Study The Easy Way, we have been inundated by requests to SHARE our reproducibles that we use within our home for our Science Notebooks. Now, we introduce to you our newest packet of reproducibles that are PERFECT for developing your OWN Science Notebooks. These forms are complete and ready-to-use for busy homeschooling families. I believe that you will find this resource to make homeschooling much, much EASIER while setting you free to use REAL books and REAL life to help teach the often difficult-to-teach subject of Science!

PLUS! Help for YOU to Make YOUR Own Brain-in-a-Binder!!

Our Make Your Own
Brain-in-a-Binder Planning Printables!
At Last! Our new MAKE YOUR OWN BRAIN-IN-A-BINDER PRINTABLES is now available as an E-BOOK...AND that is not all! Part of this set! A treat JUST FOR YOU!!!

Make Your Own Brain-in-a-Binder Printabels is a system designed JUST for the homeschool mom...the busy mom...the busy household! If you need to get organized AND QUICK...this is the perfect resource for YOU! Simple, but complete! You are sure to find that this planning system will resemble your BRAIN-IN-A-BINDER! Covering areas of concern for today’s busy female brain, this one is sure to be your favorite! Plus! You can print JUST what you need and print as many copies as you need forever! Included in this Ebooks is over 260 pages including the following:
  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendars!
  • Birthday and Anniversaries to Remember!
  • Yearly Events to Remember!
  • Several Cute Options for Undated Monthly Calendars!
  • Our Popular Weekly Goal Planner!
  • Complete Address Book w/ Emergency Information and Contact Information!
  • My Favorite Websites!
  • Special Notes!
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Homeschool Planner (complete with homeschool printable pages!)
  • Discipleship notebook pages (we include pages from our MYO Discipleship Notebook!)
  • Menu planner
  • Chore and Home Management
    PLUS! Much, much, much more!

    PLUS! Our best-selling book, Let's Get Organized!

    That's Not ALL! Even MORE Bonuses!

    With every purchase of this Ebook Set, you receive 3 Online Audio E-Workshops to listen to at your convenience!

  • Let's Try Notebooking!
  • Notebooking! YES! You CAN BE a Binder Queen Too!
  • Language Arts The Easy Way!

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