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Ready for a fun Virtual Seminar??? One that promises to make the Charlotte Mason Approach easy and doable? Need a seminar that can help you begin teaching Charlotte Mason Style MONDAY? Have you been wondering what all the buzz about the Charlotte Mason Approach is all about? Want to try out her ideas in your home, but have NO idea where to begin? Do you want practical, real-life, proven ideas for teaching Monday Morning? Or, maybe you could just use a big dose of encouragement? Real help is available from a very real homeschool mom who guarantees to help you to homeschool the easy way...Charlotte Mason Style. Read on...

images/cindy.jpgHi! My name is Cindy Rushton. How would you like to spend an entire weekend with fellow homeschool moms who can inspire you, encourage you and share ideas that make teaching Charlotte Mason Style?

Well, you can! the comforts of your own home!

Wondering how? We recently hosted a phenomenal event online! This event lives ON! You can now join us at your convenience. We recorded all of the sessions--even the text chat that was shared among real homeschool moms like you. Everything is posted online on our Membership Site dedicated entirely to teaching Charlotte Mason Style from pre-school throughout high school years. Plus! We bring everything TO YOU--in the comforts of your own home.

That is not all! You can review everything again over and over to your heart's content by downloading all of the audios to listen to at your convenience--either on your own computer or on an Mp3 player. And there is can access all of the incredible gifts that our speakers wanted to share as special gifts. Plus! You can enjoy all of these fantastic gifts at your leisure! Indefinitely!

No time to travel?
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and eating out?
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Well...we have the PERFECT answer!

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Ready for a fun set??? One that promises to fire you up and help make homeschooling easy and doable TODAY? This is your seminar!

Right there in the comfort of your home you can join us! You can listen to these audios at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can listen to each and every workshop as many times as you want! You will LOVE it!

Talk about an amazing line-up of workshops that you will not want to miss!

No crowds!
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No parking!
No walking for blocks and blocks!
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Talk about FUN! This is one that you will not want to miss!

Everything is online on our Membership Site. All you need to do is tune in and begin downloading. You will love our Membership Site--filled with articles, audios, and free ebooks to help you homeschool Charlotte Mason Style. PLUS! That is not all! We have received some AMAZING gifts for you from fellow writers/speakers. They are already loaded into our Membership Site, ready for you to dig into. It is one of the most amazing offers ever! You will definitely want to invest in this set!

I clicked a link to Cindy Rushton in January of this year. I was touched right away with love that was poured into her site and I signed up for her ezines. I have loved everyone. I then purchased some of her materials and signed up for her Charlotte Mason Seminar (after the fact). I was taken aback by the down to earth atmosphere of the seminar format. I am now a part of her Talk-a-latte Organization 911 and Godly Woman Bible study. I could not even start to explain the blessings I have received from this. The studies are so practical but they also ministers to my heart in such a personal way. I love getting to know the ladies in the group and learning from Cindy. I am a part of a very small homeschool group in the Bahamas. It is so nice to be apart of something bigger. God has truly blessed me through Cindy and her resources.

Heidi Kemp

Hi, I'm Janice Campbell of, and I'm here to tell you that I've been tremendously blessed by Cindy Rushton's books and online seminars. As part of Cindy's Writer's Nook group, I've learned a lot and experienced solid support. Even though I've written two books, Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working and learning more alongside a true professional with an encourager's heart. Cindy provides outstanding value in everything she offers, and I am looking forward to her new ventures with with great anticipation.

Janice Campbell

Oh friends! This is NOT your
typical homeschool seminar!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. You are going to LOVE this set. Not only do you get to hear the very best workshops that are sure to help you "flesh out" the details on making the Charlotte Mason Approach work in your home, but you get everything you need to "troubleshoot" your struggles. Can you beat that?

Who should join Talk-a-Latte chats? YOU--if you're homeschooling, if you're a mom, if you're weary, lonely, or discouraged, if you've lost your vision, or if you just wanna have fun! I was all of the above, and the chats have lifted my spirits, taught me, given me fresh vision, turned my heart and face to God, given me practical, hands-on ideas, and introduced me to some of the greatest cyber-girlfriends who are kindred spirits on this journey!

Charlotte Siems
Oklahoma Chats are so encouraging for moms. Cindy shares a wealth of information. In fact she gives her heart and soul to those who are listening to her. When I finish listening to Cindy, I always have specific ideas to implement in my home the next day. I also want to thank Cindy for interviewing me on Talk-A-Latte. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the ladies on the chat and share ideas with them. Thanks, Cindy, for providing a great service to homeschool moms. You are truly filling a need for all of us.

Kerry Beck

Our seminars are the best of the best ! Not only do get to hear the very best speakers available for all of our Talk-a-Latte Online Seminars, but you also get to hear their brand new workshops, some never heard before.

When you purchase your ticket! You get more!

  • The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Free gifts!
  • Free bonus audios to help you get started on the right track!
  • Doorprizes and Gifts!
  • Membership to our Membership Site–With lots of free articles, free mp3 download audios (some are ready right now!), free printable planning pages, and wonderful savings from our speakers!

Just look at the topics from our seminar:

Making the Charlotte Mason Approach Easy Seminar Set...

A Talk-a-Latte Virtual Seminar

Introducing Charlotte Mason! With Cindy Rushton
10 Things That I Learned from Charlotte Mason that Made Homeschooling Great!

Developing Your Own Philosophy of Education With Kerry Beck
Sorting out all of the options and developing an approach that works for YOUR FAMILY!
PLUS! Kerry has a FREE Ebook on our Membership Site!

Education Is...An Atmosphere, a Discipline, A Life!
With Cindy Rushton
Try a Balance Approach To Home Education

Real Life! The Perfect Curriculum for an Excellent Education
With Steve Beck
Equip your children with a full education! Help them learn business, real life, and practical skills for life.

Quick Tips for Teaching Charlotte Mason Style Across the Curriculum
With Cindy Rushton
Practical ideas for applying Charlotte Mason's Approach to every subject. Gear up to teach Monday!

Twaddle Free Education! Using Living Books for Learning
With Terri Johnson
Super tips for using living books as your core curriculum.

Ideas for Making Writing Fun and Easy!
With Cindy Rushton and her dear friends--Kimm,
Katie, and Niki from Hands of Child
Mom-to-Mom with gals who really know how to make writing fun and easy EVEN for your most reluctant writers!

What a Charlotte Mason Home Looks Like
with Cindy Rushton
Peek inside Cindy's home through the years. Glean ideas for
putting it all together for your family Monday morning!

Education is a Life...Even for MOM!
With Cindy Rushton
Straight from the heart--taking care of mom!

PLUS! Unadvertised Bonus Audios and Ebooks that were given out as doorprizes during the seminar--YOU GET IT ALL!

Excited? We are!

Well, that is NOT all!

After the seminar, we loaded the audios, text chat transcripts and doorprizes from the weekend into our exclusive Membership Page that includes everything you need to get started homeschooling Charlotte Mason style!

Here's how easy it is to order:

1 Click our order link (below) to order
2 We send a Confirmation Email with your link to our Membership Page.
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Want to get started homeschooling Charlotte Mason Style? But, you want to be sure you get started on the right track? Need some help Making the Charlotte Mason Approach Easy? We want to help! This seminar will equip you with:

Every workshop recorded during our Making the Charlotte Mason Approach Easy Virtual Seminar .

Free copy of Cindy Rushton's E-book, A CHARLOTTE MASON PRIMER

Free bonus audios to help you get started on the right track!

Doorprizes--We have an amazing list of doorprizes added to our Membership Page ready for you to download and enjoy!!

Membership to Cindy's New Membership Site for Charlotte Mason Moms...
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Printable Planning Pages!And! Free Ebooks!

Bonus audios that will help you make homeschooling Charlotte Mason Style easy, while equipping your children with an excellent and full education!

Access to our Membership Site with RSS feed of our audios, our article library, and a huge list of bonus gift ebooks and audios.

PLUS! Extra bonus! Free, periodic updates from our Membership Site of new articles, new audios, and new ebooks!

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