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A Charlotte Mason Primer

Want a great basic book to help you jump right into homeschooling OR into implementing the Charlotte Mason Approach? This is it! You will LOVE this book!

Whether you need help learning how to teach the various subjects…you are encountering a rough spot in homeschooling… or you would like to learn how to use the time tested ideas of Charlotte Mason, this book will be one of your favorites.

Written in the typical style of Cindy Rushton, this book includes practical information on the basics of the Charlotte Mason to teach all of the subjects in an easy way…how to implement the various aspects of her philosophy in an easy way...and an idea of a typical (ha!) school day in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool... PLUS! An extensive list of recommended resources! Recently revised! You will love the new book!

Best of all! It is NOW available as an E-BOOK! Order today and download directions will arrive to your email box within 24 hours! You will LOVE it!

Want to know more about the book? Check out the chapter titles:

Inside This Book:

  • Charlotte Mason Primer...
  • The Spiritual Side of Education...
  • Whole, Living Books for LESSONS!
  • Language Arts...The EASY Way!
  • So, What about Math???
  • Taking Time for the Beautiful!
  • EASY Nature Studies!
  • Seven Aspects of a Full Life...
  • Education is a Life...EVEN for Mom!
  • Help with the Charlotte Mason Approach on the Internet...
  • Recommended Resources...

You will LOVE IT!

Comes with the entire manuscript and complimentary book covers for your notebook. Talk about a great start for your school year OR a great dose of encouragement for wrapping up this year!

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Charlotte Mason Prime EBOOK!
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