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Do you want practical, real-life, proven ideas for building a successful business? Ready for practical how-to's? Real help is available from a successful business owner and right at your fingertips. Read on...


My name is Cindy Rushton. A few years ago, my dream came true.

For years I was a widow. Well, that is what we called it--a weekend-widow! My husband was blessed to have the dream of his life--working in law enforcement. Upside--it was a great dream. He loved it. We were blessed with making a real difference in so many lives. Downside--I do not remember very many Sunday School Socials, family holidays, or couples fellowships that we attended together. In fact, the demands of his job meant that I babysat for most of my friends who were blessed to go with their spouses to eat out and fellowship. If I did get to go, I was always by myself.

Harold did all he could to balance his career, marriage, parenting, and taking care of our home. He was so wonderful to take time with the children on his off days. He did all he could to be a part of everything that we had going on. We thought that we had the American dream. However, there was always something deep within that was yet to be birthed.

I remember the day that Harold and I were walking and he shared with me his real dream. He shared that he had loved his career, but that he was so incomplete. There was something more that he felt God wanted for him to do. Then, it came out. He wanted to retire young and begin his own business. I knew that my life would never be the same after hearing that. It wasn't.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Harold & Cindy Rushton have pulled together a great set of business workshops that you will love. We have partnered with the Rushtons in business for many years. One thing I respect about them is they are one of the few families that really understand how to be successful in business, especially from a Christian standpoint. The Rushtons continue to take their business to the next level and we have learned some great tips from them in the process. The ideas Harold & Cindy share about business will get you started on the right (& profitable) track, as well as build your business. Not only do they give you ideas, they live the ideas in their own family busineses. Harold & Cindy have their own businesses and they have taught their children how to manage businesses. There are so many things I could share about the Rushtons, but I will leave you with this. The Rushtons have a very Biblical perspective on money & debt. We both believe the importance of getting out of debt AND staying out of debt. Living without debt will free you up to be more successful in your new family business. Don't miss this terrific set from the Rushtons.

We spent the next few years preparing the best we could for an early retirement. We planned for the 15 year mark. I had been in business myself for a long time. We decided that we would begin the necessary planning to get everything ready for daddy to come home.

We worked hard to build up my business, cut expenses so we could get out of debt, and gear up for the big transition. Then, the big day came. We were finally in the position for my husband to retire early from his job in law enforcement to join us at home in our family businesses. Little did I know, God had an amazing adventure ahead of us.

Jim Erskine
Homeschool Radio Shows
The Rushtons are great friends of ours, and I've had the privilege to "talk business" with both Harold and Cindy quite a bit over the years. Harold KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT when it comes to practical, proven family business concepts and implementing them -- and has proven that by starting and running his own very successful "real world" businesses. I'll tell you what Harold is NOT. He's NOT a slick talking "guru" trying to sell himself. He's the real thing, a great mentor for families looking to bring dad "home" to business. We are THRILLED to have access to these wonderful recordings... and give this resource our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

Now, as we look back, Harold has re-designed my business... expanded my business beyond my dreams... and began two very successful businesses of his own--debt-free! It has been the most awesome adventure!

Several, actually BUNCHES, of times through the years, I have asked him to help me tell our story and help other families go for their dreams. He would answer with things like, "Who am I?" or "I don't have enough experience" or "It is not time yet." or "One day." When we got to the point that the answers were "not time yet" and "one day," I knew that we were right on the brink of getting into his mind! Imagine my delight when I asked again this past fall and he told me to put it on my calendar!!! Yep! DELIGHTED!

Oh friends! This is NOT your
typical business set!

Would you just love to pick the brain of a real dad who did it? Who got a vision for where he wanted to be and grasped on to those hidden dreams? Who had every hesitency and reservation that you or your spouse face today? This your chance!

I pulled out the recorders and dug in with him. I have NEVER heard anything like this! It is so transparent. He pulls no punches about the realities of a family business. He shares the real secrets to a successful business. He brings that freedom that you have been looking for!

Just look at the topics:

Building A Successful Family Business
Seminar Set

With Harold and Cindy Rushton

Session 1...Preparing for a Successful Family Business

Harold's journey home... lessons along the way... secrets to getting a winning mindset... practical tips for getting ready for a successful business... perks of a family business... tips for working with others in your field... getting your finances in order to lay the groundwork for success ...and how to get started today.

Session 2...Getting Started on the Right Track
Tips for getting a successful family business started on the right track... options for great businesses... how to find the right business for you... getting started with your business on shoestring... using what you have got... getting our mindset ready to win.

Session 3...Secrets to Creative Marketing of Your Business
Secrets to creative marketing ... effective advertising ideas ... proven methods to try today... ideas for shoestring marketing that you won't find anywhere else.

Session 4...Tips for a Successful Products Business
Tips for a successful products business... delivering excellence, quality, and lots of value... balancing a business and family... staying organized... analyzing your profit/loss margins before there is loss... dealing with the real struggles in business.

Session 5...Tips for a Successful Service Business
Tips for a successful service business... finding a business just for you... getting the basics down... tips that set you apart and build a successful business... good business communications... developing files, portfolios, and contracts... marketing, selling, and working the business... developing permanent relationships with your customers... growing your business into its full potential.

Session 6...Let's Talk About Business and Money
Business and money... developing the winning mindset... getting personal and business finances in order... dealing with debt... ideas for getting out of debt... tips for getting started on a shoestring... what you really need to begin a successful business... how to build a solid business.

Bonus Audio for Your Children!
How to Begin Your Own Business (AND...Call It School!)
With Our Son, Matthew Rushton
Join Matthew as he shares his story behind how he began his very own knife business as a twelve-year-old homeschooler and how it has grown into not only a bigger business for life, but multiple opportunities for helping other businesses grow. Want ideas for what is needed to begin or grow your own business? Want to learn some common qualities of great business leaders of the past? Need practical help and ideas for beginning or running your own business? Come and join Matthew for this great workshop! You must might be the very next Sam Walton, S. Truett Cathy, or Mary Kay!

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Excited? We are!

Well, that is NOT all!

The audios are loaded into an exclusive Membership Page that includes everything you need to get your business off to a great start!

This is where it really gets good! We wanted for you to have access to everything you need to get started with your own family business. But! We ran into a few problems...

    • Each of you will want to pursue different businesses
    • Each of you have different gifts and bents
    • All of you will need help without having to dig through all of the stuff (some incredible...some good...some not so good...and some just junk!) that we had to dig through.
    If you know me, you will know that we simply cannot offer anything that isn't complete, overflowing, and full of everything that you could possibly need. This set is no different! In fact, this is probably as important as each of the audios!

    Yep! Our Membership Site includes a FULL library of great articles on just about everything you can imagine!

    I have been working with several of my favorite writers to compile a library of articles that address just about every aspect of business that you will need. Just look at the topics:

    Our Family Business Article Library...
    Included with your purchase of our Building A Successful Family Business
    Seminar Set!

    Secrets to Successful Businesses Yep! We include a full section of articles that are definitely going to help you with any business. Every business needs help with setting goals, time management, planning, organization, staying balanced, sticking to your purpose, taking care of yourself, and developing a winning mindset.

    Web Traffic
    Have an internet business? We have a section of our Membership Page with articles to help you get customers to your site and keep them coming back.

    Blogging and Business Blogging is essential for businesses today. We have a complete library of articles that are sure to show you why and to show you how get started.

    Creating Your Own Ebooks Ready to write your own book? We help you too! The articles in our library are perfect for getting you started and helping you along the way to reaching your dream!

    Marketing with Articles
    Are you a writer? Or...wanta be a writer? Our library has everything you need to help you get started writing AND make money doing it! These articles will get you started today!

    Building a Mailing List The first essential for a successful internet business is to develop your mailing list. We have a section of our Membership Page with articles to help you get started on the right track.

    Using Autoresponders We not only help you build your mailing list, but we also have articles that will help you to get started using autoresponders. Build courses or just stay in touch with your subscribers. Help is here to get you going!

    Google Adsense
    Sound like a mystery? Well, our library has a complete section filled with articles that cover everything you need to give Google Adsense a try!

    Plus Much, Much, Much MORE! Sound cheesy? Well, there are SO many articles in our library that you won't believe it until you see it! I have never seen a Membership Page loaded with so much practical help! This one is unbeatable!

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    We have been buzzing behind the scenes with some of our favorite writers/speakers who have poured into us through the years. What I am about to tell you just overwhelms me!

    Can you imagine if your favorite writers/teachers believed in what you have done so much that they wanted to be a part of helping you with YOUR vision? Well, this is where it gets REALLY good!

    Many of our dear friends through the years who have watched us along our journey from dream to reality, have joined us for a huge celebration over this long-awaited material! They have watched us take step-by-step into 3 very successful businesses. They wanted to be a part of our project here by offering bonuses--some that YOU can resale today to begin your own business! FOR REAL!

    I do admit that I wanted a few sweet bonuses to bless all of you as you buy. But this just got TOO amazing! You are going to love this! I hope you feel as blessed as we do!

    Our friends began throwing in extra goodies for our release of this set. Now we have a big launch this week FULL of great surprises for all of you!! We are excited beyond words! Our partners have come together for the most amazing online launch that I have ever seen! We could not be more blessed! We are so excited to bring this package to you!

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.You can access all of the gifts listed here when you order our new Building A Successful Family Business Seminar Set. These are all free when you order our seminar set and sure to build the perfect family business library. You would want these without our set! BUT! You get it all--our audios, our article library, AND all of these ebooks--when you order!

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    1from: Jessie McCloud
    Easy Ebook Money This ebook is a mighty little treasure! Not only does Jessie show you how to do everything from set up your ebook to get it online. She also offers YOU resale rights to this book with this gift!
    2from: David Frey
    Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes Harold wanted to let you all know that this book picks up where his audio on marketing leaves off. And...David Frey has graciously allowed us to share it as a gift with those that purchase our set. This book is one great resource that will help you get started on the right track or if you are already in business, it will infuse fresh ideas into your business today!
    3from: Cody Moya
    The Complete Article Marketing Course A TOTAL treasure! This 221 page ebook is full of step-by-step help and ideas for using articles to market your business. Best yet! Cody offers you resell rights on this book for hardly nothing and access to other great products that you can resell so you can begin your business today!
    4from: Kristie Tamsevicius
    Extreme Home Office Makeover The secrets to setting up the home office you will love! This special report is one small, but mighty treasure! Kristie is a real mom who faces real life daily as she works in her home business. You will love this mini-ebook!
    5from: Mom Masterminds
    Promoting Your Website with Articles This is one mighty treasure! Nicole Dean and Kelly McCausey KNOW this studff! This is a small goodie, but one that is sure to help you get your website out there to the masses! is free for you!
    6from: Liz Tomey
    The Making of an Internet MillionaireIntrigued or thinking this is a hoax? Oh! Liz did a super job on this fun book! I love anything that teaches me the common denominators of those that are successful. Liz breaks it all down into essentials traits that you will want to develop for your successful business. You will love this book!
    7from: David Zohar
    Joint Venture Secrets Harold and I share in this series that a successful business cannot be an island to itself--you must work with other great businesses. In this 100 page ebook, David Zohar does a great job teaching about how to plan joint ventures with other businesses. Plus! He offers resale rights to you for this book that is normally $37.00 retail.
    8from: David Zohar
    Mailing List GoldTalk about a treasure! David Zohar has also generously included this great ebook. Whether you have an existing email list or you have no idea where to begin, EVERYONE needs to read this ebook! is part of your free ebook library!
    9from: David Zohar
    Making Money with Autoresponders -Once you learn all about ezines and setting up your mailing list, this is the perfect ebook to help you create courses, manage your ezines, and more! Dig in! This one will be a big help!
    10from: John Delavera
    Online Freelancing Discover The 'Secrets' to freelance writing with John. In 30 pages, John minces no words while he gives you great help if you want to begin freelance writing. Super resource! AND...he offers resale rights to you for this report that sells for $47.00. And! Imagine! When you order our set here, you get this as a free bonus gift!
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    5 Ways to Create PDF eBooks and Special Reports Without Adobe Acrobat (with Resale Rights) Discover how to make your own ebooks without having to spend a fortune on software. Plus! If you like this, Jim gives you permission to sell this ebook or give it away!
    12from: Anik Singal
    10 Untold Traffic Secrets Practical, concise tips you will use immediately to get traffic to your site.
    13from: Michael Rasmussen
    Adsense Revenue Exposed Are you wanting to set up some sites with Adsense, yet have no idea where to begin? This ebook will get you started! is another treat with your purchase of our audio set!
    14from: Nicole Dean and Jim Edwards
    Copywriting and E-Books Talk about a treasure! Jim Edwards always steps up to the plate and knocks the ball out of the field! When he talks about ANYTHING, you will want to listen in. In this audio ebook, you will learn more than you could in most people's entire list of resources. And...Nicole and Jim have offered this as a gift when you order your copy of our audio set!
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    Bloggers Guide to Profits Want to make the best use of your time online? Make money blogging! This ebook will take you by the hand and help you! PLUS! You can get resale rights of this book!

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    16from: David Zohar
    Create Your Own Ebook Without Ever Writing One Word Yet another great resource for creating and marketing ebooks. 3 recording and free subscription to Marcia's Songletter Download to your computer, or to a CD, this fabulous song that will help you to change limiting subconscious beliefs to ones that support your dreams!
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    Death of the Salesletter Want to know what is right around the corner for internet businesses? Michel gives his predictions based on some trends that he is seeing. Very challenging! You will enjoy Michel!
    18from: Nicole Dean
    Make Money From Your List There is just something about Nicole that amazes me--she can say more in 10 pages than I can say in 10 books! She brings the best ideas for how to make money using your mailing list and puts them into a priceless treasure! This special report that she compiled is worth more than 20 books! is a special gift for you when you purchase our set!
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    Mining Gold from eBay Wanta try making money on eBay? This ebook gives you tips that will get you going on the right track!
    20from: Michael Rasmussin and Jason Tarasi
    The Newbies Guide to Making Software This is one NEAT book! Michael and Jason just AMAZE me with their generosity! This book just might be the perfect book for one of you!
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    Podcasting Made Easy Michael and Jason did a super job simplifying podcasting. Want an introduction to check it out and see if podcasting is something you will want to do with your business. And...this is free with your order thanks to my pals!
    23from: Brad Callen
    Search Engine Optimization Made Easy So much is out there "claiming" to help you get your websites noticed, but so much is just opinion and fluff. Brad will take you by the hand and help you to get started on the right track so your website attracts the customers that are looking for you. Super book! And...Brad even gives you the resale rights when you purchase our set!
    24from: Brandon Hong
    Blogs and RSS Revealed Are blogs a mystery? Wondering if you need to have a blog for your business--especially when there are so many things you need to do each day? Brandon does a super job helping you in this ebook. You are going to love it!
    25from: Jim Edwards
    The Secret to Winning Every Time Jim Edwards just blesses us with his wisdom. Harold and I both agree that this mini-ebook is essential for everyone who wants to be set themselves apart from the live a happy life while accomplishing much. And! Great news! Jim has graciously donated this ebook for our special promotion!

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