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Oops! My Cup is Empty...and My Coffee Pot is Broke! Bible Study in E-book Format

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We have been working away behind the scenes to publish our books in e-book format. We are elated to let you know that we have a NEW E-BOOK available!

Oops! My Cup is Empty...AND My Coffee Pot is Broke!

Our best-selling Bible Study is NOW available as an e-book!

Tired? Weary? Parched? Just need YOUR cup filled back up? This is the Bible Study

Growing up, I remember one phrase my Mom would use that always sent chills down my spine and straightened up my attitude and behavior every single time, “I HAVE HAD IT!” Know what I mean? Heard this one? Well, SAID this one? Ever had times that you have HAD IT? You have HAD IT yet everything seems to get worse...and worse….and worse??? Things hit from all different directions? Felt a bit pressed in from every angle? you TRIED, things got worse... and worse...your dreams crumbled! Your heart broke! You got zapped on every angle! You found yourself more and more empty! And things KEPT right on hitting you???? Then! Right when you found that your cup was empty you found that your coffee pot was broke too! Then what??? What about now? Are you at your very end? Feel pressed? Tired? Weary? Well, beloved, we have the perfect study to refresh, renew, and refill you!

Join us in our BRAND NEW Bible Study as we take a trip back in time to join Hannah. We will take a look at 1 Samuel as Hannah shares her story with you. You are guaranteed to come away refreshed, renewed, and refilled! We will take a look at what to do and where to go when OUR cup is empty our coffee pot is broke and we don't even have enough gas to get to the local gas station for a cheap cup of coffee!If you have been looking for a Bible Study that will dig deep, but is easy to fit into your schedule, you are SURE to LOVE this one!!

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